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8'' Large Digital Outdoor LED Countdown Clock Double Sided With Tripod

8'' Large Digital Outdoor LED Countdown Clock Double Sided With Tripod


8'' Large Digital Outdoor LED Countdown Clock Double Sided With Tripod







Running Sporting Event With Outdoor LED Race Clock


About This Race Clock:


This LED countdown clock is essential equipment in any environments where timing is necessary. It comes with ultra bright red LED's to overcome direct sunlight.It uses for marathon run race sporting events or horse race and other kinds of sport timing events.

It is ability to countdown or countdown hours minutes and senconds.It set up by RF remote controller which is easier to operate.

You can start or stop the clock or change any of the functions remotely from that distance.

You can synchronize multiple clocks so you can operate every clock you have at the same time with one remote. This is really useful where you have a clock at both ends in a swimming pool facility or athletic field etc. You can also operate each clock independently if desired.

It comes with tripod stand and carry box.You can use an external battery to power the unit

Parameter :

■ Clock Accuracy: + Or – 1 minute per year

■ Setting by wireless remote control or hard wired control or external buttons or synchronized with PC.

■ Master/slave in same housing


Display :

■ Color: Red Color

■ Digit size: 8’’/ 20 cm. Readability: 80m

■ Format: HH:MM:SS (Countdown to 00:00:00, Countup to 99:59:59, Reset to pre-grogramming numeric value)

■ Display time of day, countdown or countup. Fix or alternate setting by remote control.

■ Time of day: 12h or 24h mode.


Power supply :

■ Power supply by AC110~250VAC to 12VDC or external 12v DC battery

■ Plug depends on different Country


Mechanical :

■ With waterproof housing,IP65.

■  Bracket, Wall mounted and hoisting.


Application Areas:

■ Swim Center    ■ Airports            ■ Factory Premises

■ Court Rooms           ■Research Centers      ■ Examination Halls

■ Conference Halls      ■ Banks                ■ Restaurant