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9-Digit Countup and Countdown Timer

9-Digit Countup and Countdown Timer

9-Digit Countup and Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer is a device that changes its numeric displayed state with manual operation or automatic operation. It comes in a variety shapes, formats and size.

Use 9-Digit Countup and Countdown Timer to:

■ Count how many days for celebrated festival, completion of production, accident or safety issue.

It can be installed indoor or outdoor with mount on a wall mount or ceiling to pole. We provide single face, double sided face for your selection. Whether you have a small office or large business, our LED timer/counter displays are designed for easy operation, energy efficiency and readability.

Overall Instruction :

■ Clock Accuracy: + Or – 1 minute per year

■ LED Timer/Counter available in various color, brightness and dimension.

■ Setting by wireless remote control or hard wired control or external buttons or synchronized with PC.

■ Optional Synchronization: GPS, RS485, Network and wireless.

■ Clocks are made of 7 segment digital LED or 7 segment dot LED.

■ Master/slave, single and double side.

Display :

■ Color Options: Red,Amber,blue,White and Green

■ Digit Options: From 1.8'' to 24''


■ Display time of day, countdown or countup. Fix or alternate setting by remote control.

■ Automatic setting of luminosity according to light exposure or manual bright adjustment.

Power supply :

■ Power supply 5V/12V/ 115V / 230V +/-6% 50/60HZ.

■ Plug according to different Country

Mechanical :

■ Outdoor Timer with waterproof housing,IP65.

Indoor timer with Aluminium case.

■ Bracket, Wall mounted and hoisting.

Use Environment:

■ Operating temperature : -25°C to +50°C.

■ Humidity : 93 % at +40°C.

Application Areas:

■ Railway Stations ■ Airports ■ Factory Premises

■ Court Rooms ■Research Centers ■ Examination Halls

■ Conference Halls ■ Banks ■ Restaurant