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5.3cm Indoor Red Dot Matrix LED Digit Clock

5.3cm Indoor Red Dot Matrix LED Digit Clock

5.3cm Indoor Red Dot Matrix LED Digit Clock


 Digital clock, keeps all clocks displaying same time. Slave clocks receive signal data from master clock through network connection. It is perfectly used in business, schools, office, hospitals and other location where accurate time is needed for efficiency.


Overall Instruction :

■ Clock Accuracy: + Or – 1 minute per year

■ Indoor or outdoor digital clocks available in various color, brightness and dimension.

■ Setting by wireless remote control or wired control or external buttons or synchronized with PC.

■ Inside temperature sensor assembly in case and outside temperature sensor in a plastic box.

■ Optional Synchronization: GPS, RS485, Network and wireless.

■ Clocks are made of 7 segment digital LED or 7 segment dot LED.

■ Master/slave, single and double side.

Display :

■ Char. size: 5.3cm. Readability: 40m.

■ Format: HH:MM (HH is for hour, MM is for minutes)

■ Display time of day, date and temperature. Fix or alternate setting by remote control.

■ Automatic setting of luminosity according to light exposure or manual bright adjustment.

■ Setting of alternation duration(0-99seconds)

■ Time of day: 12h or 24h mode. With Automatic summer time

■ Temperature format: Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (F)

■ Date mode: DD-MM, MM-DD

■ With a alarm, sound when reach to the time you preset and it can off or on setting by remote.

Power supply :

■ Power supply 5V/12V/ 115V / 230V +/-6% 50/60HZ.

■ Plug according to different Country

Mechanical :

■ With black Aluminum housing and different color of cover.

■ Bracket, Wall mounted and hoisting.

Use Environment:

■ Operating temperature : -25°C to +50°C.

■ Humidity : 93 % at +40°C.

Application Areas:

■ Railway Stations ■ Airports ■ Factory Premises

■ Court Rooms ■Research Centers■ Examination Halls

■ Conference Halls ■ Banks ■ Restaurant