How To Select A Best Outdoor LED Displays?


You must consider below factors before buy an outdoor LED displays.

-Display installed outdoors, often sun and rain, wind and dust cover, poor working conditions. Electronic devices are wet or damp can cause serious short circuit or even a fire, causing failure or fire, resulting in losses;

-The display may be caused by the strong electric magnetic lightning attacks;

-The ambient temperature varies greatly. Display work itself must produce some heat, if the ambient temperature is too high heat and poor, IC may not work properly, or even burned, so that the display system does not work;

-Wide audience, sight distance requirements far, wide vision requirements; ambient light changes, in particular, may be subject to direct sunlight.

Therefore, the LED screen have to meet the following requirements;

1. The housing of Screen must be strictly waterproof; Screen body have good drainage measures in the event of a smooth water discharge;

2. In the display and buildings to install lighting protection devices, Display main body and cover a good grounding, grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, so that large currents caused by lightning discharge;

3. Install ventilation cooling, so that the internal temperature of the screen body -10 ~ 40 between. Screen behind the top of the installed fan, exhaust heat;

4.Selection of the operating temperature between -40 ~ 80 , industrial-grade IC chip to prevent winter temperature is too low so that the display can not be started. ;

5.In order to ensure a strong ambient light visible case of long-distance, you must use high brightness light-emitting diodes;

6.Display media use the new wide angle tube, wide viewing angle, color pure, coherent and coordinated, life of more than 10 million hours. The outer display media packaging for the cover along with the most popular square tube, silicone seals, no metal assembly; their exquisite appearance, durable, with anti-sunlight, dust, waterproof, anti-high temperature, anti-short circuit.

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